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Demi Lovato ect..

I have a problem. Famous people get treatment and help when they are feeling suicidal, depressed, problems with food ect…But they always come out and say “If I can do it, you can do it” Well no. That isn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong it must be so hard to admit your problems in the public eye and you have to be strong to talk about it. The thing is I’m Seventeen, I’ve been seeking help since I’ve been Fourteen. I’ve been to loads of different places in order to feel better. But now I’m Seventeen the servers has dropped me. They said they can’t help me. So what do I do now? I told them I wanted to die and I’m not scared of doing so. They still dropped me with no support nothing. Because I’m going to be eighteen soon. See if I was famous would that happen? I think not. They have treat me like I’m no one, so I guess I will never be anyone. I’m not good enough to get help and heal. So I’m confused what to do next with my life, because the way I’m feeling, I wouldn’t care about what others felt like if I died. I know it is selfish but It’s true. I’m that low that I can’t deal with the pain anymore. I want to die and have freedom. I guess I wasn’t the person that got healed by famous people, and found it all a little confusing as they would get extra support from fans and people who were helping them because they are famous. However, I do LOVE Demi Lovato endlessly and I guess some of the things she has been though I can relate. It does make me feel alittle better that there is someone out there with the same problem and got some form of healing. But it just depresses me that in the world I live in and the people I crave for help by…It doesn’t happen.

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