I'm Rose

Stay Strong.

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So if anyone is awake, please talk to me about happy or random shit. I would really appreciate it right now :)

KIK - hannahsbitchrose (ignore the name)

Taking pictures of myself had become harder. It feels more than difficult to smile for photos. It’s like my jaw is locking like I doesn’t even want to attempt to smile. I have found that the worrying things of mental illness is effecting me and I didn’t even know. Getting myself in the shower washing my hair, putting make up on. Just motivating myself in General is such a hard task for me. I literally feel like my life has come to a stand still of the reality of what I’ve become. Although I know I’m ill, I don’t have the energy to bring myself back up. I’m at the lowest of the lowest and even though I say to myself it surely will go up. It’s not. My home is at risk I’m at risk and my family might loose a family member because life is just to hard. I’m a good example of a failure.

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